You're Spencer, an ordinary individual navigating the streets of a city with a mystery: phone booths that let you call to travel to another world (inspired by the Matrix). You enter an alternate dimension known as the upside down (inspired by Stranger Things). In this mirror dimension, there are enemies galore, and the platforms shift to either help or hinder you. But you must keep going towards the light of the green portal, your only escape.

Total playtime: 5-15 minutes

[W][A][S][D] and/or [space] to move
--> [space] is the same as [W]; holding down longer lets you jump higher
[E] to teleport via a phone booth.
Volume can only be adjusted at launch.

This prototype game was primarily designed for PC with a QWERTY keyboard, and it may not work well on other systems. If there is desire for it, mobile controls (and/or controls rebinding) could be considered in a future update. There are currently 6 levels at the time of this initial release, and there is no level reset as you cannot get stuck.

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